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The fire
Into the night
drawn without sight
seeking a source of heat
in silence spun
the heartbeat's thrum
rest for weary feet.
One day I'll say
with you I'll stay
and my emotions cheat
but just to sit
a campfire lit
beside you is a treat.
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 7 10
Cut me down
and cut me apart
to shape me into a better vision
Make the slices
precisely please
to fit me together
Grind me
sand me
To make me smooth
Screw me up
so I can stand and support
I'll be your project
as you pour in love and time
and make me better than I
assumed to be.
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 3 11
The sad summer shower
The sad truth is
a failing raindrop
caught in an updraft
that never reaches the ground
ever falling and ever flying
It is destined to rejoin the cloud
and never grace our heads and hands
and never glaze our skin
or cool our faces
as we walk in the rain
and smile.
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 9 14
Things are looking up
My past is like my gallery
The farther back you go, the worse it gets
Until you see that what is now
Is at least better than what was then
And by comparison, my present misery
Seems like happiness.
I’m glad it’s not the other way around.
For I am in a melancholy happier than the joys of my sullen past
Caused by loneliness, and that can change.
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 2 7
Seeking Solace
Tell me true
We loved once
We felt a swirl of self -ish and -less
In a time when rebels cleared the skies for
Painfully underpowered dreams to fly
Though those times are gone now
And here we are on terra firma
Better(?) for it.
In those days
When love and abuse
Were self-generated
And self-directed at the
best and worst of times
We were together through it all.
I need to know if your heart
laments our disasters and indiscretions.
Do you repent of what you did to me
when we caused each other’s crime
and indulged in too much with too little thought
with a warm blanket to blind ourselves
and a kiss to dull the ache?
Maybe if you show me your regrets
It will remind me that you
Truly love(d) me
The unselfish kind, so unlike mine
And I will believe again that
It is possible to love me
Help me gather hope like so many spools of thread
woven into a cloak
Tell me the truth
So I can understand how to deal
With the bittersweet regret
I feel for what I did to you.
Let this be your last selfle
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 3 16
Street performer's soul
I’m a-playin’ this here violin
for a smile and a buck fifty.
Was there ever something better?
Can you tell me mister, please?
‘Cause all I want is a little love
some peace between the bodies on this street
I’ll fill ‘em up with a sing-song tune
like a rainy day in late-mid-June.
The music to mind
and mind don’t matter.
That’s happiness, my friend,
and all I need now is a buck fifty.
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 3 11
I got soul
I got (someone else's) soul
There’s a black lady inside of me
just dying to get free.
When I hear that melody,
she makes me want to scream!
With all the vocal quality
of an independent black lady,
I jam to the R and B and see
I’m glad that she’s inside of me.
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 3 16
ch 1 pg 13 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi ch 1 pg 13 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 38 18 Ch 1 Pg 12 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi Ch 1 Pg 12 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 28 2 Ch 1 Pg 11 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi Ch 1 Pg 11 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 29 4 Apart chi1 pg10 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi Apart chi1 pg10 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 47 10 ch1pg7 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi ch1pg7 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 34 12 ch1pg6 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi ch1pg6 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 37 10 ch1pg5 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi ch1pg5 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 32 4 ch1pg4 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi ch1pg4 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 40 6 ch1pg3 by Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi ch1pg3 :iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 48 4

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April Fools!
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Wow, it's been nearly four years since I posted the last chapter of Apart, and I think 2 years since I've posted anything at all on here. And even still, it looks like I've had views every single day and frequent comments waiting for my return.

I was thinking about this account today and figured I'd come back and look. I didn't count on feeling this guilty about leaving it behind.

I want to really and truly thank all of you who supported me and liked what I wrote all those years ago (probably 5 years, back in the Hearts glory days). Through all those poems and fanfics and those four or five creepy drawings I made, you guys really supported me. It was inspiring to see (and is still inspiring to see today) that even though I am an amateur writer, there were people who thought what I was doing was worthwhile, and that it brought them a moment of enjoyment. I really like that feeling. It kept me writing back then and made me enjoy what I was doing even more.

I just want to apologize for all the "I'm going to finish this and come back and it will be the same as it was before!" statements I made. Obviously, it didn't happen, and I honestly don't plan to start writing again like I used to. But for such dedicated fans, I have horrendously mistreated you.

Thank you for being fans (is it egotistical to say that? Or to think of people who watch and support you as "fans?" I don't know). Your support and love helped to push me to higher creative heights. You helped me think harder and work smarter. Thank you so much. Again, I'm sorry for the way I have treated you.

Sadly, even though I feel bad for leaving this page untouched, I will not be picking it up again.

This does not mean that I have abandoned all creative pursuits, though! Far from it! As I turned 23 a few weeks ago, I've started a new initiative and made some new goals. I plan to make something cool every day for the next year.

Because I love to make things, I'm using all my brain juices to create something every single day (or at least work on something creative every day). With this initiative, I've launched a YouTube channel to show off the videos I'm making. I'm also starting a blog that I WILL (all caps means it's a promise!) update daily, chronicling what I make every day and my progress on my goals.

I completely understand if you are not interested. Considering the way I have treated you, my fans, it is understandable. But if you still want to hear from me, my YouTube channel and, in the future, my blog will be the place to do it.

Out of curiosity: What type of blog would you be more keen on reading: a Wordpress or a Tumblr? Let me know, and I'll tell you all when it's made.

My YouTube Channel:…


Facebook Page:…

My most recent video: This here features my funny lookin' face.

Sidenote: My most recent video is in the running for winning a contest, but I need votes to progress to the next round. If you like the video, check out this link to vote for it:

It's #3 Something That I Want by ThinkTankerMeeks.

Thanks so much for your love, support, and time. Should any of you check out my new work, I would be ecstatic. Though I'm using a different pen-name on YouTube than I did here, should any of you still like to call me Hearts, feel free. I'd love to see you there!

  • Listening to: Something That I Want -- Jimmy Wong (cover)
  • Watching: YouTubers... Yeah...
  • Playing: Indie Games
  • Eating: Soup
  • Drinking: Wish I had Ginger Ale


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randyneal Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
I am a guy that has been reading 'Apart' over on fanfic and saw that you also had an account here. I love the story and think that it is a truly great one. I guess after reading what you said above...that my feeling that there were more chapters here is wrong. Also, it looks like no amount of begging will convince you to continue:) It is a great NaruHina story and I'd love to see what was in your head for the rest of the fic. Thanks.
MrsNejiHyuuga Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012   Writer
I'm just at a lost of words right now... I started reading Apart last night and got hooked. Then I read about what you said about not being on the Internet for two years then I found part 13 and started to read your apology and all. Oh dude, I'm soooo confused. I'm not even sure if your gonna continue the story put I so hope that you will :cry:. Please do though!!! UGGGHHHH SOOOOOO CONFUSSSSSSED
NShippudenFan Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i read chapter 13 on that other site but plz make more soon.
Laukush33 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
only 12 parts of APART?
Knight-BIshop Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
hi yah I understand that this pic
[link] Hinata&order=9&offset=24#/dsr50k

came from one of your fanfictions
can you tell me which one?
KazeHi Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
i KNOW ima be late w/ this so ima say this nao GRATZ =D
naru0sasu1fan Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy crap!!! I just finished reading chapter 12 of Apart and now I'm as scared as Hell!!!! It was awesome, though! The whole story was!! Keep up the great work!!!! XD
sonofamortician Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the :+fav: :D appreciated!
naruto9000believeit Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009  Student Digital Artist
You can check out my Naruto Fanfic if you want, it's down below. I'm not ordering you btw. Enjoy if you can. Thank you.
Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009   Writer
Blatant Self promotion.
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